fire hydrant

Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants play a very important role in fighting fires. When 

Fire Fighters use this above ground valve connection, they are supplied with water straight from the city's main. The water then goes through hoses to a nearby pumper truck, which then raises the pressure with its internal booster pump. Lastly, connecting to the FDC (Fire Department Connection) to provide a supplement of water to your fire sprinkler system. 

When are Fire Hydrants due for Inspection and Testing

  • Fire Hydrants are to be flowed and inspected on annual intervals to keep underground main flushed of rocks and debris, performing this inspection in turn helps to keep booster pumps from being damaged during monthly and weekly test or emergencies. 

  • Fire Hydrants are also required to undergo 5 year interval flow test performing this inspection checks pressure and for indication of any closed valves.