Fire Sprinkler Systems

What is a Fire Sprinkler System you might say?


It is a water-based piping system comprised of a stub-in(water supply), backflow preventer, fire pump(for an extra supplement of water pressure), riser(check valve), main & branch lines, which provide calculated water flow to each strategically placed sprinkler head above you, connecting throughout your home or facility, giving the maximum fire protection. 

Knowing what type of Riser you have will help us better assist you


Here is an example of a wet system riser. We perform Inspection testing and maintenance on 

Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Deluge Systems, Pre-Action Systems, Antifreeze Systems and Stand Pipe Systems. Nevertheless, we can handle the job both big and small, with any combination of fire sprinkler systems.


 This is your typical Pre-Action System known as a Total Pac, found mostly covering data/computer center's fire protection.       

Sprinkler Head


Fire Sprinkler Systems

All fire sprinkler systems are required to undergo a 5 Year Internal Inspection to check for micro organisms or debris that could stop a system from performing correctly.

When is it time for us to come visit you

There is a inspection tag located on the riser, that is required to be attached at the end of every test of the fire sprinkler system and it lists the past dates of inspections. All types of water-based fire protection systems are due at annual intervals for inspection and testing. Some inspections and testing need to be performed on more frequent occasions, such as semi-annual or quarterly intervals and other various maintenance services throughout the year as described in the NFPA25. We perform any of your services per NFPA 25, which is the standard for Inspection Testing & Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.